16 stands


Firms and companies


Pros and beginners


The main selling point of darts is that it's easy to pick up and play at a beginner-intermediate level. You can be tall or short, old or young, everyone can find joy in this sport. We are waiting for you with open arms for a round in the Prince of Darts. Game On!!!


We know of many companies that like to relax with a round of darts in their break, since it's the perfect game for this situation. The place is perfect for smaller company "hangouts", since the VIP-section in the back can entertain up to 12-15 persons with its 4 stands.

However, if you want to hold an event with a much larger number of people, the entirety of Prince of Darts can be rented for the whole day. 


Prince of Darts has 16 darts stands that can be enjoyed without any major disturbances from the other lanes. This is relevant information, since this means we can conduct bigger competitions without any problems with the other crowds.

We usually host competitions in the Prince of Darts every week. Amateur and Professional. Women and Junior. Everyone can find the competition most suitable for each section. The constantly updated completion calendar can be found in the "News, Events" section.