2019.09. Bobby George in the PoD.

2018.09. World famous stars in the PoD during the Budapest European Championship.

  A few Names (in no particular order,) that visited the Prince of Darts during the week.

You don't have to be an expert to tell that there were some strong contenders :-).

Lorraine Hyde, Alan Soutar and Euan Callander (Scotland)
Lorraine Winstanley, Maria O'Brien, Fallon Sharrock (England)
Mark Layton, Arwyn Morris, Nick Kenny (Wales)
John Michael (Greece)
Jeff Maahs (Bulgaria)
Antony Lopez, Des Morgan, The Voice of Gibraltar Darts (Gibraltar)
Tom Burguel and the others (Luxemburg)
Stig Jarle Knudsen, Kjell Vaabeno and the entire Norwegian national team.
Andy Bless, Fiona Gaylor and the entire Swiss team led by Sven Gut .
The Catalonian national team.
John O'Shea, Martin Heneghan and the Irishmen.
The team from Ciprus with their wonderful supporters ( 35 people :-) ).

+ Dean Winstanley :-). Sorry Mate :-).

These were some unbelievable days, I'm glad we could all meet.

Thanks my Friends. Brilliant days. Perfect. I hope, we will meet again soon.

2018.02. Richard Lowy (Unicorn Product) in the PoD.

2018. Signings and the end of the year in the PoD.

2016.11.04 Dean Winstanley in the PoD.

2016.09.21. Open competition in the PoD.

2016.09.07. The first amateur competition in the PoD.

Székely "Penge" Pál in the PoD.